Peter Hodgson, CFA, FCSI, CIM

I have worked with Paul for almost 30 years starting with our first Mentor group.  He has a laser focus on achieving results and the extensive skills to coach and help others reach theirs.  He has walked the walk,  and ran a very successful HVAC business until selling it recently.  He now has the freedom to share his experience and expertise in helping other achieve their goals.  He brings a proven process for success to the table for his partners

Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Hodgson & Associates - 11/14/2017

Gary Nikolai

Our company is undergoing a transition, as I am getting ready to retire.  My two sons and another partner have already mostly taken the reins of the company, but I am still around, and wanting to make sure it all transitions just right – both for them, and my customers.  Paul sat down with us all and walked us through where our existing strengths are, and how they will be slightly different, as my role decreases over time.  What may have worried me previously, is now something Paul has helped us understand, and how the transition will happen seamlessly.  He helped us with strategies, and some sales training as well.

Owner, Cornerstone Developments Ltd. - 11/09/2017

Kevin G. Armstrong - Author - The Miracle Manager

“As a business owner looking for a coach, or business advisor, you want someone who has depth, experience, understands the game, and is well funded. Paul has depth in that he can look past the little issues and find that one thing that will improve everything. I’ve watched him for over 14 years help business owners solve problems they didn’t know they had. Then there is the experience and very successful experience at that. 90% of business advisors have never laid awake at night wondering how they were going to make payroll. They have never sat in your seat. Paul doesn’t speak from theory, or something he learned in school. Paul has had to deal with banks when inventory was too high, he’s had to manage talented but difficult partners, he’s had to look people in the eye and let them go. If I’m paying a coach $600 an hour, he will only push me to the point where he feels he’s about to lose his fee. Financially, Paul’s done well in business, and he could retire tomorrow so if he thinks you won’t get out of your own way, he will walk because he’s objective driven, doesn’t need your money, and, like an good coach, he won’t stand for being part of a losing team. So my advice to you is to listen well, and execute when you commit because there are only two type of people when it comes to having the opportunity to work with Paul: there are those who have, and those who wished they had.”

Author of The Miracle Manager, The Interdependent Training Group - 11/14/2017

David O'Sullivan

” As owners, we don’t necessarily want to listen to “experts”, but we will listen to other owners, that have been in our shoes.  Most owners are prone to fast, emotional decisions, and we sometimes need to take a deep breath, and allow other clear thinking, qualified individuals to help us with those decisions.  Paul has been a long time advisor in our group, and has regularly provided great ideas for us to move our business forward.  I would highly recommend Paul as a business coach or mentor, as Paul has lived through a great deal of examples of what happens in real life, day-to-day business.”

President, PW Trenchless Construction Ltd. - 11/14/2017